Thursday, July 31, 2014

Applying S.T.O.P. To Software Development

The acronym STOP (or STOPP) is used by several organizations (United States Army, Hunter's Ed, Mountain Rescue, Search and Rescue, Boy Scouts of America), often for describing how to cope with wilderness survival situations or other situations when one is lost (especially outdoors). The "S" typically stands for "Stop" (some say it stands for "Sit"), the "T" stands for "Think" (some say "Take a Breath"), the "O" stands for "Observe", and the "P" stands for "Plan" (some say it stands for "Prepare"). When there is a second "P", that typically stands for "Proceed." In other words, the best approach to use for wilderness survival is to stop, think, observe, and plan before proceeding (taking action). Proceeding without a plan based on thinking and observation is rarely a good idea in for those in a survival situation.

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