Monday, July 7, 2014

How we build microservices at Karma

“Microservices” and “Microservice Architecture” are hot buzz words in the development community right now, but concrete examples of microservices in production are still scarce. I thought it might help to give a brief overview of how we’ve utilized microservices for our backend API at Karma over the past couple of years. It’s not exactly a “how-to,” more like a “why-to,” or a “wherefore-to,” but hopefully it will give you some insight as to whether microservices are appropriate for your application, and how you can go about using them.

Why we chose microservices 

When we started building Karma, we decided to split the project into two main parts: the backend API, and the frontend application. The backend is responsible for handling orders from the store, usage accounting, user management, device management and so forth, while the frontend offers a dashboard for users which accesses this API. Along the way we noticed that if the whole backend API is monolithic it doesn't work very well because everything gets entangled.

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