Monday, July 14, 2014

Java Memory Model Pragmatics

The Java Memory Model is the most complicated part of Java spec that must be understood by at least library and runtime developers. Unfortunately, it is worded in such a way that it takes a few senior guys to decipher it for each other. Most developers, of course, are not using JMM rules as stated, and instead make a few constructions out of its rules, or worse, blindly copy the constructions from senior developers without understanding the limits of their applicability. If you are an ordinary guy who is not into hardcore concurrency, you can pass this post, and read high-level books, like "Java Concurrency in Practice". If you are one of the senior folks interested in how all this works, read on!

This post is a transcript of the "Java Memory Model Pragmatics" talk I gave during this year at different conferences, mostly in Russian. There seems to be a limited supply of conferences in the world which can accommodate such a long talk, and being in need for exposing some background reading for my JMM Workshop at JVMLS this year, I decided to transcribe it.

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