Monday, July 21, 2014

Monitoring Docker and a Mongodb Cluster Part 1 and 2

Docker has been around for roughly a year, it was open-sourced by the guys at dotCloud ( the PAAS provider) and has since caused a revolution in the devops community. It has the backing of industry heavy weights such as Google, Rackspace and Redhat . In this blog post, I will attempt to give an initial look at monitoring docker, with a specific focus on system health. The technology stack under Docker is a large topic so I will not be going into much detail on setting up a docker environment. Before we dig right in let’s find out a bit about docker.

What is Docker

Docker is a technology that leverages LXC ( Linux containers). LXC uses cgroups and kernels namespace to isolate system resources. See the Wikipedia article on cgroups for a bit of background. Docker is easy to use and has a clean command-line interface bringing light weight virtualisation without the cost of a virtual machine.

Read the part 1 here
Read the part 2 here

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