Thursday, July 24, 2014

Secure provisioning of Docker containers

One of the areas for which CohesiveFT is known is our technical support, with everyone pitching in. We provide such a high quality of support for our products that customers often ask about support and best practices for other products and services. One such event occurred recently when a customer was asking about best practices in the secure provisioning and configuration of Docker images and containers. Since we support the use of containers in version 3.5 of VNS3 Manager we were more than happy to talk.

The customer wanted to know how to create and customize Docker containers in a safe and secure manner. In general terms they wanted to have each container be individual with keys and configurations that would be applicable only to the group/user accessing the container. This would allow them to control who sees what and to easily add or revoke privileges. They wanted to distribute images and Dockerfiles without make them available to the world at large, they wanted to keep the generated credentials in a controlled, private repository

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