Monday, August 11, 2014

Google shows off Mesa, a super-fast data warehouse that runs across data centers

Google is taking the wraps off yet another impressive feat of database engineering, a data warehousing system called Mesa that can handle near real-time data and is designed to maintain performance even if an entire data center goes offline. Google engineers are presenting a paper on Mesa at next month’s Very Large Database conference in China.

The paper’s abstract pretty much sums up why Mesa was built and what it’s capable of:

Mesa is a highly scalable analytic data warehousing system that stores critical measurement data related to Google’s Internet advertising business. Mesa is designed to satisfy a complex and challenging set of user and systems requirements, including near real-time data ingestion and queryability, as well as high availability, reliability, fault tolerance, and scalability for large data and query volumes. Specifically, Mesa handles petabytes of data, processes millions of row updates per second, and serves billions of queries that fetch trillions of rows per day. Mesa is geo-replicated across multiple datacenters and provides consistent and repeatable query answers at low latency, even when an entire datacenter fails.

Essentially, Mesa is an ACID-compliant database (i.e., if someone queries it, they’re getting the right data) that’s built for speed, scale and reliability. It was, as explained above, designed to handle needs relating to Google’s ad business (serving internal users, as well as a front-end query service for customers) but can also function as a generic data warehouse system for other use cases.

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