Thursday, August 21, 2014

Microservices and PaaS

Not long ago, the main application behind was delivered as a single war file. Imagine the process, complexity, and cost involved in delivering a simple new feature to this behemoth application. Tickets were submitted, multiple teams were engaged, VP approval was required, hours/days of time elapsed, exhaustive test-suites were run, complex deployment procedures were invoked. It's amazing they were able to get anything out the door.

Not so anymore. Last week I had the pleasure of attending a meetup hosted at the San Jose Cisco campus where ex-Netflix architect Adrian Cockroft and others described the microservices architecture now in place at Netflix. This architecture allows them to be much more fluid and flexible with their software delivery, and ultimately enables them to be the disruptive company that they clearly are.

This blog is divided into two parts. Part I introduces microservices and captures some of the important points made at this meetup, while Part II will cover the many ways that Platform as a Service enables the effective use of a microservices architecture, including a discussion of suggested practices to follow to optimize their use.

Read part one and two here

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