Thursday, August 14, 2014

OrientDB vs Neo4J

OrientDB and Neo4j* share many features, but the engines are fundamentally different. While Neo4j is a pure Graph Database, OrientDB has a hybrid Document-Graph engine that adds some compelling features to the Graph Database model.

Neo4J is distributed with a dual license: GPL Open Source license and Commercial. If you need a Graph Database under your application for commercial purposes, you must purchase the Commercial License. Neo4j is the most expensive NoSQL dbms around, especially when you want to run a distributed Graph Database against multiple servers.

OrientDB, instead, is distributed with only one license: Apache 2 Open Source license. This is one of the most liberal licenses allowing you to use OrientDB FREE for any purpose. Orient Technologies, the company behind OrientDB, offers optional Professional Services like Developer and Production Support, Training and Consultancy with transparent pricing. However, these are only options to ensure that you’re using OrientDB in the best way for your use case.

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