Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Docker is an amazing tool, but it remains notoriously hard to use to build multi-container micro-service architected applications. That is until today. Today, I am proud to announce the release of the Apache 2 open-source platform we call: Panamax.

Over 9 months in the making, CenturyLink has invested in a team of 11 killer seasoned engineers and designers to build a tool that we believe will dramatically lower the barrier of entry for developers to use Docker, CoreOS and other innovative technologies.

To build complex clustered containerized applications before Panamax, one needed to chose a variety of new technologies, each with it’s own learning curve: fig, etcd, systemd, fleet, kubernetes, mesos, ambassadors, discoverd, consul, consulate, serf, registrator, skydns, libswarm and the list keeps growing. We have tried to keep up with all the changes on this blog, but it is easy to fall behind.

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