Monday, September 22, 2014

How Spotify Built One of the Best Engineering Cultures

In 2009, a small group of employees at Spotify decided that in order to build the engineering culture they wanted, they would need to do things differently than most companies. They were expanding quickly and needed to find ways to ensure the company’s growth wouldn’t keep their engineering team from moving fast. Five years later they’ve begun talking about what makes agile at Spotify so unique.

According to Henrik Kniberg, one of Spotify’s agile coaches, many of the engineers went to agile conferences, read books on the subject, and spoke with engineers at companies like Twitter, Netflix and Google. Then they set off to experiment with all the new ideas they had gathered.

“Most parts of our structure weren’t designed up front. We evolved by doing lots of experimenting and having a change-friendly culture,” Kniberg said in a recent interview with Highfive. We spoke with him to understand Spotify’s alternative approach to agile and how it has made them so successful.

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