Thursday, September 4, 2014

Implementing software components in an asymmetrical multicore architecture

Previously I discussed asymmetrical multicore and how it can used in scenarios that need real-time response times and rich user interface and/or connectivity. I used Freescale's Vybrid as a sample of such architecture and discussed the hardware features that can make this kind of solution simpler to develop and more reliable than the "traditional" approach of connecting two separate processors using a serial link.

In this article, I will show the software components that can be used to implement a solution on this kind of architecture by presenting a demo project developed by Toradex and AntMicro. We developed a 2D plotter that provides a touchscreen user interface. The mechanical part is not very complex. It comes from a kit available on the Internet. We made some enhancements to improve drawing quality and mechanical reliability.
Controlling the plotting hardware requires a limited number of digital I/Os. On the other side, we need precise timing to get good drawing quality and need to process a good amount of data to draw complex subjects.

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