Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Pants: a build system for large-scale codebases

Foursquare and Swarm are written predominantly in Scala on the server side. But as we’ve grown, so have the size, complexity and diversity of our codebase:

  • We currently have around 700,000 lines of handwritten code in 6500 .scala files. 
  • We generate about 1.9 million lines of Scala code from 1400 .thrift files using Spindle, our homegrown data model code generator. 
  • We generate UI code from Closure Templates. 
  • We compile CSS using Less. 
  • We have a significant amount of Python code for running our deploy toolchain, data processing pipelines and other offline systems.
  • Like all large codebases, we also have little bits of other things here and there: some C, some Java, some Ruby, some Bash scripts, and so on. 
Naturally there is a complex web of dependencies between different parts of the codebase. In fact our code dependency graph has about 2500 vertices and tens of thousands of edges.

Read more here and check out the git here

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