Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Real-Time, Event-Driven, Complex Event Processing In Government and Healthcare

A few years ago I flew all the way to Cape Town, South Africa to present a paper at the triennial World Congress on Medical and Health Informatics, commonly know as MedInfo. My topic was a “big picture” framework of how electronic health records can be supplemented with process-aware Business Process Management ideas and tech. A key link in that framework was Complex Event Processing. I am not an expert on Event-Driven Architectures. So I am so delighted to convince Michael Joseph of Prime Dimensions, who is expert, to answer my questions! He’s experienced in both government and healthcare real-time information processing systems. By the way, I’m tweeting out chunks of this interview during the NextGov Prime2014 conference. Both Michael (@PrimeDimensions) and I (@wareFLO)will be responding to replies and retweets — in real-time!

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