Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Shipping code methods – Netflix

Netflix, the popular movie streaming site, deploys a hundred times per day, without the use of Chef or Puppet, without a quality assurance department and without release engineers. To do this, Netflix built an advanced in-house PaaS (Platform as a Service) that allows each team to deploy their own part of the infrastructure whenever they want, however many times they require. During QCon New York 2013, Jeremy Edberg gave a talk about the infrastructure Netflix built to support this rapid pace of iteration on top of Amazon’s AWS.

Netflix uses a service-oriented architecture to implement their API, which handles most of the site’s requests (2 billion requests per day). Behind the scenes, the API is separated into many services, where each service is managed by a team, allowing teams to work relatively autonomously and decide themselves when and how often they want to deploy new software.

Netflix is heavily invested in DevOps. Developers build, deploy and operate their own server clusters and are accountable when things go wrong. In case of failure, a session is organized where the root cause of the issue is investigated, and ways are discussed to prevent similar issues in the future — similar to the five whys.

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