Friday, September 12, 2014

VisualOps - easiest way to deploy Docker with services discovery

Service Discovery is a heated topic in the Docker world. Simply put,

In SOA/distributed systems, services need to find each other. i.e. a web service might need to find a caching service, etc. DNS can be used for this but it is nowhere near flexible enough for services that are constantly changing. A Service Discovery system provides a mechanism for:
  • Services to register their availability
  • Locating a single instance of a particular service
  • Notifying when the instances of a service change
A number of projects have been looking into how one might solve the problem. Despite various technical differences and design philosophies, most of these efforts are built around the idea of Announce/Lookup, which requires additional components to register, store and discover services. In some deployments, this method is perfect, but it certainly sets a higher learning curve and commands far more moving parts in the cluster. Arguably, until you are running a large scale cluster, the frequency of configuration change is not that high, which will make the Announce/Lookup style less attractive.

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