Sunday, October 26, 2014

Big data success: iovation drops Oracle for Apache Cassandra, sees 600% volume growth

By 2011, device reputation and fraud protection firm iovation had a legacy Oracle database that was beginning to show its limits. With that monolithic system it faced steep licensing and service costs, no effective scaling options, and monthly maintenance that required downtime.

The leadership at iovation decided to upgrade to an open-source stack including Apache Cassandra, which they chose for its linear scaling capability and fault tolerance. When they completed the project in 2013, iovation had a redundant, distributed system with three data centers and a set of new features, in addition to device reputation management, faster processing times, and a 600% increase in traffic volume.

Located in Portland, Oregon, iovation's two main product offerings are ReputationManager 360 and TrustScore, which spots and rewards trustworthy customers.

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