Sunday, October 26, 2014

Consensus Protocols: Two-Phase Commit

For the next few articles here, I’m going to write about one of the most fundamental concepts in distributed computing – of equal importance to the theory and practice communities. The consensus problem is the problem of getting a set of nodes in a distributed system to agree on something – it might be a value, a course of action or a decision. Achieving consensus allows a distributed system to act as a single entity, with every individual node aware of and in agreement with the actions of the whole of the network.

For example, some possible uses of consensus are:

  •  deciding whether or not to commit a transaction to a database 
  • synchronising clocks by agreeing on the current time 
  • agreeing to move to the next stage of a distributed algorithm (this is the famous replicated state machine approach) 
  • electing a leader node to coordinate some higher-level protocol
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