Sunday, October 26, 2014

MongoDB and Redis: a different interpretation of what's wrong with Relational DBs

Working to Redis is a good feeling for me: it's not something about money, or deadlines, or customers not agreeing with me, but about trying to do my 2 cents in order to help the field to go forward. It's a joy to work to things you love, especially if you have the feeling that you don't want to win: even if a few ideas of your work will be useful for another experiment or implementation it is already worth it. It's like science, what matters is to know more, to find better solutions to problems, and so on.

So I check other work on other key value databases, and suggest this databases to people interested in something different than Redis. For instance this MongoDB slides are good and worth a look. MongoDB seems an interesting project to me, and the interesting thing is how Redis and MongoDB try to solve the same problem in theory but with a very different analysis of it.

Both the projects are about there is something wrong if we use an RDBMS for all the kind of works. Not all the problems look like a nail but too much databases look like an hammer, the slide says, and indeed it's a colorful imagine to communicate. But it is remarkable how, in response to the same non-nail problems, this two tools taken different paths.

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