Sunday, October 26, 2014

Shards Over Easy

In previous Operations architectural posts, we discussed an overview of the Evernote service, as well as a deeper dive into the improvements we’ve made to our NoteStore “shard” server infrastructure. These NoteStore shards provide the virtual home for our users, storing and processing their content metadata and search indices, and providing efficient, secure access to the Evernote service.

State of the Elephant 
Our NoteStore shard architecture provides linear scalability that has served us well as the number of people who use Evernote increased from 10 million in 2011 to over 100 million today. In 2011 we maintained ~90 shards; today this has grown to over 500. As new hardware became available and our architectural design iterated and improved, we were able to increase the user density from a soft limit of 100,000 users per shard to just over 200,000. This soft limit is designed to be conservative and ensure the best possible user experience, even during sustained peak traffic and unexpected surges.

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