Monday, November 17, 2014

Akka cluster sharding

In the previous post, I showed a simple CQRS/ES application. It contained one PersistentActor and one PersistentView. The view was set to auto-update; and so, as the actor persisted messages, the view consumed them. To save reprocessing of all messages upon re-creation of the view, the view periodically created snapshots. However, the example fell way short of actually usable application: it had no API, and it made no distinction between the source of the requests. It was only usable for a single user using its console interface.


 So, let’s expand on the earlier example, and build a usable application. I’ll call it Lift as in do you even lift?” Its smartwatch component sends data over bluetooth LE to a phone, and the phone forwards the data to the application’s REST API. The data hits one of the nodes in the cluster, where it is validated, and then analysed.

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