Monday, November 10, 2014

Best Practices for Designing Database to Create a Scalable Social Network - See more at:

Social networks and blogs are the fourth most popular online activities, with 67% of the world’s online population visiting them, according to Nielsen Online. However, not all social networks click. The right back-end, manifesting primarily in a good database design, among other aspects is indispensable for a successful social network.

Here are some best practices to design a scalable social network:

  1. Develop a good design
  2. Ensure distributed deployment of the database
  3. Ensure flexibility
  4. Opt for elastic scalability
  5. Opt for document oriented database
  6. Cache reads and buffer writes
  7. Get normalization correct
  8. Use Stored Procedures
  9. Opt for Simplicity
  10. Don't ignore the basics

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