Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Dynomite - Making Non-Distributed Databases, Distributed

Netflix has long been a proponent of the microservices model. This model offers higher-availability, resiliency to failure and loose coupling. The downside to such an architecture is the potential for a latent user experience. Every time a customer loads up a homepage or starts to stream a movie, there are a number of microservices involved to complete that request. Most of these microservices use some kind of stateful system to store and serve data. A few milliseconds here and there can add up quickly and result in a multi-second response time.

The Cloud Database Engineering team at Netflix is always looking for ways to shave off milliseconds from an application’s database response time, while maintaining our goal of local high-availability and multi-datacenter high-availability. With that goal in mind, we created Dynomite.

Inspired by the Dynamo White Paper as well as our experience with Apache Cassandra, Dynomite is a sharding and replication layer. Dynomite can make existing non distributed datastores, such as Redis or Memcached, into a fully distributed & multi-datacenter replicating datastore.

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