Monday, November 17, 2014

How We Built Our Backend on Akka and Scala

When Conspire graduated from TechStars, we started planning for our revamped product and we knew that meant a lot of new code. The old codebase was pretty hairy and we weren’t proud of it and definitely weren’t sad to see it go. We had a few requirements for our new backend:

  1.  Scalable (elastic) 
  2. Resilient 
  3. Simple to understand 
We’d had some great success with Akka building parts of our backend in the prototype stage and we were excited about some of its coming features—especially clustering—and decided to use it as the basis for our backend. Akka had already helped solve some of our scalability issues and was rock-solid for us during prototyping (we’d built a precaching service with Akka to solve some serious performance problems).

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