Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Intro to Elasticsearch’s Awesome Aggregations

We’ve become big fans of Elasticsearch since we added it to the Raygun backend stack, as it accepts the huge volumes of data you guys throw at us with minimal fuss, then allows us to perform powerful queries on your behalf. This gives you the insight you need to fix bugs quickly. ElasticSearch has been a core part of our infrastructure since the pre-1.0 days, and the developments in the API have been notable since then.

I’m particularly fond of the new Elasticsearch Aggregations API which replaces the previous Facets implementation (which is now deprecated). Both allow you to perform analytical operations on a subset of your data, but the key advantage of Aggregations is that it allows nesting – by building up a tree of aggregations, at each level you can access data on the current scope as you desire. At a basic level, this allows you to perform SQL-like operations, but provides many more analytical and statistical results from your data.

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