Thursday, December 4, 2014

Java Doesn’t Suck – You’re Just Using it Wrong

I’ve been building enterprise Java web apps since servlets were created. In that time the Java ecosystem has changed a lot but sadly many enterprise Java developers are stuck in some very painful and inefficient ways of doing things. In my travels I continue to see Java The Sucky Parts – but it doesn’t have to be that way. It is time for enterprises to move past the sucky ways they are using the Java platform. Here is a list of the suckiest parts of Java that I see most often and some recommendations for how to move past them.
  1. 10 Page Wikis to Setup Dev Environments Suck
  2. Incongruent Deployment Environments Suck
  3. Servers That Take More Than 30 Seconds to Start Suck
  4. Manually Managed Dependencies Suck
  5. Unversioned & Unpublished Libraries Suck
  6. Long Development / Validation Cycles Really Suck
  7. Monolithic Releases Suck
  8. Sticky Sessions and Server State Suck
  9. Useless Blocking Sucks
  10. The Java Language Kinda Sucks
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