Monday, January 12, 2015

An introduction to containers, Kubernetes, and the trajectory of modern cloud computing

You probably have a lot of questions: What are containers and how do they work? what are Docker, Kubernetes, Google Container Engine and Managed VM’s? How do these relate to each other? How can I build powerful applications with containers and get them to production scale? How do I extract business value from this shift? Well, ask no further. Consider this an introduction to container technology and what the benefits could mean for you

As computing models evolved we’ve seen a few pivotal moments where a clear shift in approach occurred. Glossing over ancient history, in the last 10 years we’ve seen one such change in the form of virtualization. The movement to virtualization created an enormous increase in overall resource utilization along with corresponding reductions in both time-to-value and in the repetitive work required to deliver services. Multi-tenancy, API-based administration, and the advent of public clouds further increased these benefits. The most significant breakthrough was to enable resource utilization as small as a single core out of a physical computer, available on demand, in minutes. But why virtualize an entire machine when you only need a tiny part of one?

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