Friday, January 30, 2015

How to set up a MongoDB Sharded Cluster

A sharded cluster is a set of Replica Sets (shards) whose mission is to distribute the load uniformly, so that we can scale horizontally our applications in order to work with huge amounts of data.

Advantages of a sharded cluster

The main features of a sharded cluster are:

  • Scalability: From a standalone server to distributed architectures of huge clusters (This allows us to shard our database transparently across all our shards. This increases the performance of our data processing). 
  • Load balancing: Automatic data movement across different shards for load balancing. The balancer decides when to migrate the data and the destination Shard, so they are evenly distributed among all servers in the cluster. Each shard stores the data for a selected range of our collection according to a partition key.
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