Wednesday, January 14, 2015

TokuMX - a high-performance distribution of MongoDB

TokuMX is a high-performance distribution of MongoDB, a document-oriented database with built-in sharding and replication, built on Tokutek's Fractal Tree indexes.

TokuMX has the same binaries, supports the same drivers, data model, and features of MongoDB, because it shares much of its code with MongoDB. The benefits of using TokuMX include:

  •  Faster writes and less I/O on large data sets. 
  • Concurrent read/write access to collections with document-level locking. 
  • Compression of all data by default. 
  • MVCC transactional semantics. 
  • Zero fragmentation of data or indexes, removing the need for maintenance like compact or repairDatabase.
TokuMX is fully compatible with MongoDB 2.4, except that TokuMX does not support:

  •  Text indexes and search 
  • Geospatial indexing and queries
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