Monday, February 9, 2015

Breaking Down Jolie: The ‘First’ Microservices Language

One of the top trending topics at Devoxx BE 2014 (and indeed on Voxxed itself, where we’ve already amassed a small library of resources), microservices will continue to loom large on the radar for 2015. And on that note, today we’re going to take a look at Jolie – billed as the “first” language for microservices.

Jolie is project-lead by Claudio Guidi, who worked on it as part of his PhD. According to Claudio, the fundamental idea behind Jolie is the aim of simplifying (micro)service oriented programming and, more in general, distributed programming – solidifying SOA principles in a specific domain languages.

Co-leader Fabrizio Montesi, who currently works as key Jolie developer and maintainer, stepped in to start the open source project some years ago. The Jolie community is, at present, a small group of developers who are implementing it in their own projects, but it’s hoped that the project will grow. Claudio tells Voxxed that Jolie “implements the (micro)service-oriented programming paradigm by proposing a unique linguistic domain (a language) for dealing with all the aspects of service-orientation. In this scenario the main novelty introduced by Jolie is that developers can directly rely on a language for building both architectures and functionalities.”

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