Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Building a Distributed Containerized LAMP Application using Kubernetes and GlusterFS

The Kubernetes project originated from Google and is an Apache Licensed platform for managing clustered containerized applications. While the project page provides a lot more detail, in the interest of time, I thought I'd provide a quick summary. Kubernetes is a distributed Master/Worker architecture and calls its workers "Minions". Containerized applications are described and deployed by a Kubernetes Pod. A Pod typically contains one or more containers that are generally intended to reside on the same Minion. Kubernetes makes it easy to ensure that a certain amount of Pod Replicas exist via a runtime component called the ReplicationController. Lastly, Kubernetes ships with its own Load Balancer called a "Service" and this will round robin requests between the POD Replicas that are running in the cluster.

Lets walk through an actual use case (explicit instructions follow later). If I had a PHP Docker Image and I wanted to deploy it in my Kubernetes Cluster, I would write and submit a JSON or YAML Pod file that describes the intended deployment configuration of my PHP Container. I would then write and submit a JSON or YAML ReplicationController that specifies that I want exactly 2 PHP Pods running at one time and then I would finish by writing and submitting a JSON or YAML Service file that species how I want my PHP POD Replicas load balanced. This use case is demonstrated in the diagram below. Note that on Minion 3 the PHP Pods are not running because I specified in the ReplicationController that I only want 2 PHP Pod Replicas running.

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