Monday, February 9, 2015

Continuous Delivery in AWS tools we use

On a routine basis, we get asked which tools we use at Stelligent in delivering our solutions. Sometimes it’s a company interested in our services. Other times, it’s someone going though our hiring process (yes, we are hiring!). So, I’ve put together a list of the tools that we use in implementing Continuous Delivery in Amazon Web Services (AWS). All of our work is in AWS so if AWS provides a service in a particular category of tools, we tend to use their service. Furthermore, we help our customers embrace the DevOps mindset. So, while what we provide our customers is much more sweeping than “just” automating software infrastructure and systems, the focus of this particular article is only on the tools we use and how we typically use them on projects. As with most tools, all of this work is a means to an end. For our customers, the end is the ability to deliver new features to users whenever they choose to do so without anxiety that something will go wrong.

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