Friday, February 20, 2015

CoreOS fuses Docker and App Container

CoreOS made waves when it announced a container format, App Container, as a suggested alternative to Docker. Now the company has tweaked the App Container format, appc, to be interoperable with version 1 of the Docker image format. It also has submitted a pull request to allow Docker to support App Container images.

This is either a laurel branch extended by CoreOS to the existing Docker community to win them over or a bid to allow greater adoption of CoreOS's container system side-by-side with the dominant technology. As such, folks at Docker are suspicious.

The technical details are simple: Rocket, CoreOS's client application for its container system, can now pull and launch Docker container images directly from the Docker Hub or another registry. There's not much word about what sorts of capacities are supported for running containers, although CoreOS claims "the two formats [Docker and App Container] are sufficiently compatible that Docker v1 Images can easily be run alongside appc images (ACIs)."

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