Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Why Microservices Require A DevOps Approach

Having succesfully delivered projects in this style, we think it’s great that more people and looking at Microservices as an enabler for faster and more agile application delivery. We do however think that moving towards Microservices has quite far reaching implications for how you deliver software, which some people don’t always fully commit too.

The risk is that if you approach Microservices with a waterfall mindset (big design up front, release centricity, siloed and process driven build and run), you will probably end up with a much more complex system and hardly any of the benefits which Microservices give you!

If you are doing Microservices, we think you simply need to incorporate elements of what is coming out of the DevOps movement – of course from an automation perspective but also from a people and process point of view.

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