Monday, March 30, 2015

A production ready Docker workflow

Docker is now 2 years old this week and here at IIIEPE have been using it in production for about 3 months. I want to share our experience and the workflow we had to design.

We run several websites using Drupal, PHP and Node.js among others, and the goal we had was to run all of our applications with Docker, so we designed the following workflow:

  1. All developers use Docker to create the application. 
  2. Our Gitlab instance has Webhooks configured, so when a new push is detected, it will order Jenkins to run a task. 
  3. Each Jenkins task includes the same layout: clone the latest code from gitlab, run tests, login to our private Docker registry, build a new image with the latest code and then push the image to it. 
  4. Finally, Maestro-NG, our orchestration software, will deploy the new version of the image. 
  5. Our load balancer will detect the change and reload the new configuration.

Each of those steps required several days of planning, testing and work to design the basic guidelines.

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