Monday, March 30, 2015

From a Monolithic Single Instance Server to Microservices Freedom

Our phenomenal hosting partner in Sweden Elastx easy:PaaS was courting a new client, Björn Lundén (BL). They were stuck with a hosting partner that only offered monolithic single instance virtual servers, with a set and static number of preferences.

BL needed scaling options, as their number of users grew and they needed the ability to scale separate components of their app. After meetings with the Elastx team, they were introduced to the benefits of microservices, and the freedom to innovate and optimize within the Jelastic platform.

A monolithic application is where all of the required logic is located within one ‘unit’ (a war, a jar, a single application, one repository). The design philosophy is that the application is responsible not just for a particular task, but perform every step needed to complete a particular function.

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