Friday, March 13, 2015

High availability Docker stacks

The use of container technology such as Docker has lots of benefits and we're really excited about the possibilities this technology provides. However, running Docker in production comes with a number of difficulties, and doing so with high availability becomes all the more challenging. This post will outline the steps required to achieve high availability Docker stacks, along with how Cloud 66 solves these problems.

Let's start with an example: you have a beautiful Docker stack setup in your cloud provider and region of choice. Everything is ticking away nicely, until one day there's an issue - the hardware on your server breaks down, along with your mission-critical applications. What do you do?

In an ideal world, you're adhering to immutable infrastructure workflows and will be able to setup an identical stack elsewhere. As we all know though, this is easier said than done. Once you have the new stack up and running, you have to migrate your data from an old backup (considering that your database is unavailable) and then switch over traffic to the new stack. All in all, you may be down for many hours.

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