Wednesday, March 18, 2015

How Docker Made Coding and Testing New Projects Fun and Accessible

In the recent years I've looked into many development trends and tried Ruby/Rails, Python/Django, Objective-C/iOS, but it was always combined with a huge hassle in setting up and debugging the environments on my Mac. Sure there’s Vagrant, but finding the right images was never easy with that and the environments are really heavy, as they’re full VMs.

I was also always stumbling upon cool open source projects (e.g. ShareLaTeX, Etherpad, etc.), but the fear of having to set up environments and servers and such just to deploy and test these projects even locally, made me usually turn my back and work on something else.

Suddenly I’m working in the Docker ecosystem with all its promises of being easy and fast. And it actually is (at least with the more recent version of Docker). There’s so many tutorials and docs to get you started, from installing Docker and getting it to run to deploying complex apps with many containers. And for everything else there’s always Stack Overflow.

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