Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Java IO Benchmark: Quasar vs. Async ForkJoinPool vs. managedBlock

Arien Kock is a Sr. Java Software Engineer. He enjoys stand-up comedy and used to be a competitive Street Fighter player.

How do Async ForkJoinPool, managedBlock and Quasar perform in an IO scenario?

I think Quasar has a lot of potential. In addition to allowing a much higher number of parallel operations, by not being 1 to 1 mappings of OS threads, Quasar’s fibers also let the programmer write code in synchronous fashion (using continuations). This makes it much simpler to interpret and reason about code than the trail of callbacks that vanilla async-style code tends to bring. As for the performance benefits of the lightweight threads, I consider the increased performance of suspending green-threads/fibers vs. the parking OS threads pretty much proven. Triggered by this Takipi blog post, I became curious about how Quasar would perform vs. alternatives in an IO scenario. So I made a benchmark.

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