Wednesday, March 11, 2015

LINE Storage: Storing billions of rows in Sharded-Redis and HBase per Month

In the beginning, we adopted Redis for LINE’s primary storage. LINE is targeted for an instant messenger quickly exchanging messages, and the scale had been assumed to at most total 1 million registered users within 2011. Redis is an in-memory data store and does its intended job well. Redis also enables us to take snapshots periodically on disk and supports sync/asynchronous master-slave replication. We decided that Redis was the best choice despite the scalability and availability issues caused by the in-memory data store. The entire LINE storage system started with just a single Redis cluster constructed from 3 nodes sharded on client-side.

The larger the scale of the service, the more nodes were needed, and client-side sharding prevented us from scaling effectively. The original Redis still doesn’t support server-side sharding. So far, we have achieved a sharded redis cluster to utilize our developed clustering manager. Our sharded redis cluster is coordinated by the cluster manager daemons and ZooKeeper quorum servers.

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