Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Why Riak Just Works

As a Solutions Architect for Basho, I’m often called upon by customers to explain Riak. Frequently this is in the context of a specific use-case they are deploying, or a problem they are attempting to solve. In each of these cases, an important component of the conversation is ensuring a base level of understanding of the design principles in Riak’s distributed architecture. It is this architecture, and these early design decisions that ensure that Riak “just works” and why companies choose Riak for their business critical applications.

This blog highlights key reasons why Riak “just works” from a high availability, fault tolerant, data distribution, predictable performance and operational simplicity perspective. It also shows how Riak addresses data replication, detection of node failures, read latency, and rolling restarts due to upgrades, failures or operating system related issues.

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