Thursday, April 16, 2015

Adopting Microservices at Netflix: Lessons for Team and Process Design

The top lesson that Cockcroft learned at Netflix is that speed wins in the marketplace. If you ask any developer whether a slower development process is better, no one ever says yes. Nor do management or customers ever complain that your development cycle is too fast for them. The need for speed doesn’t just apply to tech companies, either: as software becomes increasingly ubiquitous on the Internet of Things – in cars, appliances, and sensors as well as mobile devices – companies that didn’t used to do software development at all now find that their success depends on being good at it.

Netflix made an early decision to optimize for speed. This refers specifically to tooling your software development process so that you can react quickly to what your customers want, or even better, can create innovative web experiences that attract customers. Speed means learning about your customers and giving them what they want at a faster pace than your competitors. By the time competitors are ready to challenge you in a specific way, you’ve moved on to the next set of improvements.

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