Thursday, April 16, 2015

Breaking through the speed barrier with Spark Streaming

A two part blog explaining how we encountered and overcame complexities of delivering a fast, reliable and massively scalable big data service with Spark Streaming.

Building Triggar has been a major learning curve. Almost everything, including the tech stack and architecture, is different to what we’re used to.

When we started Postcode Anywhere 15 years ago, we built it on a principle of keeping things simple particularly in relation to the infrastructure and code base. Our early decisions were driven as much by a lack of money as by a healthy scepticism of adhering to the received ‘wisdom’ of the tech community which at the time was ‘Oracle is your best friend and this SaaS thing will never take off’.

Our principles in building Triggar are no different, however, they have been adapted based on what we have learned over the years of developing massively scalable platforms.

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