Thursday, April 16, 2015


This is an edited transcript of a talk given by Alan Woodward and Martin Kleppmann at FOSDEM 2015.

Traditionally, search works like this: you have a large corpus of documents, and users write ad-hoc queries to find documents within that corpus. Documents may change from time to time, but on the whole, the corpus is fairly stable.

However, with fast-changing data, it can be useful to turn this model on its head, and search over a stream of documents as they appear. For example, companies may want to detect whenever they are mentioned in a feed of news articles, or a Twitter user may want to see a continuous stream of tweets for a particular hashtag.

In this talk, we describe open source tools that enable search on streams: Luwak is a Lucene-based library for running many thousands of queries over a single document, with optimizations that make this process efficient. Samza is a stream processing framework based on Kafka, allowing real-time computations to be distributed across a cluster of machines. We show how Luwak and Samza can be combined into an efficient and scalable streaming search engine.

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