Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Scaling Microservices at Gilt with Scala, Docker and AWS

At Craft Conference 2015, Adrian Trenaman discussed the evolution of the Gilt.com architecture from a monolithic Ruby on Rails application to a cloud-based microservice ‘lots of small applications’ platform utilising Scala, Docker and AWS. Trenaman shared both technical and organisational lessons learnt from the past eight years, as Gilt has grown from a startup to a $1B company.

Trenaman, VP of engineering at Gilt.com, began the talk by introducing the core business and corresponding technology deployed within Gilt Groupe. Gilt.com is an online shopping website based in the United States, which specialises in flash-sales of luxury brands and lifestyle goods. The nature of a flash-sale means that traffic to the website spikes massively fifteen minutes before the time the sale starts, and then rapidly reduces over the next two hours before returning to a low baseline. The result of this traffic pattern means that the cost of application failure depends greatly on the time of day a problem occurs.

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