Thursday, May 14, 2015

How we scaled our monitoring platform

Monitoring at scale is a hard task so we often get asked by people what our architecture looks like. The reality is that it’s constantly changing over time. This blog aims to capture our current design based upon what we’ve learnt to date. It may all be different given another year. To provide some background we initially started Dataloop.IO just under 18 months ago. Before then we had all been involved in creating SaaS products at various companies where monitoring and deployments were always a large part of our job.
We had a fair idea about what we wanted to create from a product perspective and what would be needed in order to make it scale. Our aim was to build a platform from the ground up that would sit between New Relic (Application Performance Management) and Splunk (Log Management) to provide the same set of functionality provided by Nagios, Graphite, Dashing and complex configuration management tooling.

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