Monday, May 25, 2015

MigratoryData - real-time messaging solution

MigratoryData's real-time messaging solution, proven in the market with production customers worldwide, is now used to successfully deliver real-time data to millions of end users daily.

MigratoryData Server is a real-time Web server using the WebSocket protocol, as well as the HTTP protocol, to communicate with its clients. Unlike traditional Web servers, MigratoryData Server does not use the request-response interaction model (employing short-living connections). Rather it uses the publish/subscribe model along persistent connections. With clients permanently connected, MigratoryData Server makes data delivery to its clients possible in a timely manner, with low latency.

In addition to its role as real-time Web server, MigratoryData Server implements features traditionally provided by Enterprise Messaging Systems such as publish/subscribe interaction, active/active clustering, guaranteed message delivery, entitlement, as well as API libraries for the most popular environments.

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