Thursday, May 7, 2015

Why Should You Care That We Built Our dPaaS as Microservices?

If you are part of an Integration Center of Excellence in your IT organization I know what is going through your mind every time a business stake holder walks up to you and asks the dreaded question – “How long will it take to connect the latest SaaS app that we bought to an on premise home grown system?”

Before you say anything, the requirements keep getting bigger and bigger with every sentence of the description and you already know that if your answer is anything longer than a month, the conversation is not going to go too far. You know that one of the major reasons for the long tail integration projects is related to technology and I feel your pain because we have been doing this for last 15 years and living this. For the last couple of years though we have been exploring something really exciting in the integration architecture world and now we are at a stage where we would like to share our experience.

Imagine if I told you to build out a cloud based application that needs to take a document from a location, map and transform to a different data model/format then drop it off to another location across the Internet over a different protocol. Simple. Right? If this was early 90s you would have probably built this out in a giant c application using some prototypes and functions for different functionalities. But now we have a fairly mature Object Oriented methodology and a number of established languages to choose from so you pick a language (Java) and build out the application.

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