Thursday, June 11, 2015

Leveraging AWS to Build a Scalable Data Pipeline

Data-rich companies (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, and Twitter) have historically built custom data pipelines over bare metal in custom-designed data centers. In order to meet strict requirements on data security, fault-tolerance, cost control, job scalability, and uptime, they need to closely manage their core technology. Like serving systems (e.g. web application servers and OLTP databases) that need to be up 24x7 to display content to users the world over, data pipelines need to be up and running in order to pick the most engaging and up-to-date content to display. In other words, updated ranking models, new content recommendations, and the like are what make data pipelines an integral part of an end user’s web experience by picking engaging, personalized content.

Agari, a data-driven email security company, is no different in its demand for a low-latency, reliable, and scalable data pipeline. It must process a flood of inbound email and email authentication metrics, analyze this data in a timely manner, often enriching it with 3rd party data and model-driven derived data, and publish findings. One twist is that Agari, unlike the companies listed above, operates completely in the cloud, specifically in AWS. This has turned out to be more a boon than a disadvantage.

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