Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Challenges of Microservices Architectures

Move aside, big data. Sorry, devops. Cloud computing? You’re yesterday’s news. Today, the buzziest buzzword du jour is microservices.

Given the rather rocky road that SOA and Web Services took over the last decade, it’s somewhat surprising that people are ready to take another go at the notion of service. But ready we are – in spite of the fact that just as with Web Services, architecture is the central challenge.

In some ways, microservices architecture is “SOA done right” – but there’s more to it, as we now have the principles of cloud architecture (in particular, elasticity and automated recovery from failure) as well as another hot new buzzword, containers.

To understand microservices architecture, therefore, we need to do more than brush off our old SOA books. We’re not simply repeating history, hoping to get it right this time. In fact, we’re actually moving forward into new territory, as we finally hammer out how all these new buzzworthy trends actually fit together.

Oh yes – let’s not forget to add another buzzword to the list: Internet of Things (IoT). It turns out that microservice architecture is especially well suited to the IoT. You shouldn’t be surprised!

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