Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Docker swarm is kept broken for bare metal ? Why ?

This summer @megamsys we started implementing micro services (containers) in baremetal for our customer and our public service in beta

The market largely is about 4 kinds + emerging unikernel owing to some of the issues posed on security by the famous docker

  • Containers in a Virtual machine (VM). Everybody uses a fancy terminology, and we call it a DockerBox. The is by far the easiest to do, since you have isolation handled already inside a VM. 
  • Improvements to containers like Rocket, Flockport,RancherOS, Kurma, Jetpack FreeBSD, systemd-nspawn using LXC or systemd-nspawn or custom build. 
  • Container OS like Project atomic, CoreOS, Snappy, Nano server - Guess who?, photon ? VWware uggh! which helps to run containers inside it. 
  • Containers in baremetal Install and run containers on bare metal as this provides profound performance.
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